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UCR Homecoming Luau & Concert

Did you know that word means affection, peace and compassion in Hawaiian? Words that perfectly sum up UCR!  For us, it also means Party Time: Kick off your summer fun at the UCR Homecoming Luau! Enjoy scrumptious NC barbecue (including tasty vegetarian fare) and a concert featuring your favorite dance tunes with the Uh Huh Band. The evening will include games, goofy photos and a family crafts table.  Hawaiian shirts and flip flops, welcome!  


The barbecue dinner with all the trimmings (yes, and ice cream!!) is 6 - 6:45 p.m., Hawaiian entertainment will beguile us from 6:45 till 7:30 and then the Uh Huh Band launches into some great dance tunes for the rest of the fun evening.  Free childcare in our Be the Change Club starts at 7:00.  


Tickets for the BBQ/Concert are $15/person; tables of 8: $110. Concert-only: $10/person.

Kids under 5 eat free; kids ages 6 to 12: $7.50/each.  

There is a small service fee for credit card and online sales. 



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Make it a Homecoming Super Sunday for UCR on June 7:

Give to the Special Offering for Our “New Home” Building Fund!



Are you looking for a way to bless our church at Homecoming and support our mission and vision? Come prepared for not one but two offerings on Super Sunday, June 7. The first offering will be dedicated to our building fund, to seed our new church home. The second offering will be our regular one, to support our wonderful programs and ministry. Join us in this great opportunity to energize our Building Fund and make a Homecoming gift at church on Sunday the 7th.  


Can’t come that day? No problem.  You can  participate in the Building Fund Love Offering Super Sunday here through June 7th.  And what is even more exciting, is that your gift will be matched up to $5000.00.


So, can't make it to our Homecoming service and you would like to give to the Building Fund and have it matched, just hit the Match Me button and make your donation....


Thank you for your love, time, talent, tithes and love offerings throughout the church year.  Most important of all, thank you for your vision of and for UCR!