Our youth program is built upon Unity Principle 2: We all have the light of Divinity inside us.  To support that belief we build an inclusive environment where children at every skill level are invited to participate with their peers in a fun and safe space.



Our nursery space is a fun and loving spot just for our family members who are 3 years and younger.  We appreciate the desire to enjoy the Sunday service knowing your littlest ones are taken care of.  Our nursery staff and volunteers play games, sing songs and encourage your Sprouts, while you receive the  Spiritual enrichment of the service.

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Middle School

From 10 to about 13 years, our youth move into our preteen program and become Uniteens.  Our staff and volunteers continue to encourage spiritual growth with engaging lessons and activities aimed at discovering how Spirit is working in their lives.  These unique lessons open the doors to discussion and sharing in meaningful ways with their peers.  Uniteens are also  encouraged to begin participating within the larger church community.

Kids Doing Homework
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Elementary School

At age 4, children will transition into our Buds and Blossoms space.  Here, our staff and volunteers nurture the Christ Spirit in each child, letting them grow and develop in perfect ways.  We use Unity principles and ideas, we foster a child's natural intuition to listen to that "still small voice" inside, guiding their way.

Group of Friends


High School

At 13 or the start of high school, our youth enter into a new journey, one that brings them into adulthood.  During this transitional time our staff and volunteers facilitate fellowship and sharing in a safe environment.  Here we allow each teen to continue to grow in Spirit while making relevant ties to their current lives.  By building on lessons learned, we encourage our youth to step out in faith, knowing that God is always present in their lives.


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